ICM UK is now open and operating again from its London office. Open by appointment, please contact us on 0208 747 0900, by email: info@icm.works or visit our website, www.icm.works, where an application form can be found for new enquiries.

We will continue to enforce our on-site regulations to ensure our premises remains COVID-secure, in line with Government workplace guidance. A copy of these guidelines is available on request and will be provided to all clients upon booking confirmation.

ICM-IPARC establishes subsidiary in Berlin

We are also pleased to announce ICM Deutschland, ICM-IPARC’s new subsidiary in Berlin.

We have studios, storage areas and a humidity-controlled ICM warm air chamber for the treatment of insect-infested artworks and collections as well as for the decontamination of biocide-contaminated artworks and collections.

More info on subsidiary in Berlin