ICM traps against insect pests

ICM has developed and is offering a sustainable and efficient method to eradicate all insect infestations in cultural heritage and art collections. The humidity regulated warm air treatment is indispensible as both a curative and a preventive measure. However, it is very important to monitor insects continuously as an initial preventive step. Traps are one of the pillars of the concept of IPM (Integrated Pest Management), they are effective and they are affordable.

ICM offers various high quality, made-in-Europe insect traps to do just that: monitor & prevent. The catches in the traps indicate not only the presence of insects but over time also hint at their frequency of occurrence and, foremost, will reveal if the insect species are harmless or if they pose a threat to the integrity of your collection. The determination of these factors is crucial for laying out a strategy.

The traps should be placed in strategically advantageous spots in storage facilities, museum show rooms or gallery rooms and must be monitored frequently. Be sure to also document any finding. If you need help with identifying trapped insects please ask us.

All our traps are free of any toxins. All traps are effective for 36 months after production date.

4 types of traps

  • G-trap which will catch insects crawling over its sticky surface at random.

  • M-trap for clothes moths, contains a pheromone as an attractant

  • S-trap for silverfish- and grey silverfish (the so-called paperfish), contains an attractant

  • L-trap with a photoluminescent attractant for various insects