At the Florence Heritech 2022, ICM and PazLab introduced the results of a 2-year investigation into the decontamination of biocides in museum collections. The paper will be published in full in the conference proceedings (Springer).

The ICM humidity controlled warm air method is suitable to remove a wide range of biocides from a wide range of materials. For instance, the percentage depletion of Lindane in spruce wood was up to 95%. New research shows that highly successful decontamination mechanisms already take place at temperatures as low as 45°C.

A recent study has proven that insects die at much lower temperatures than hitherto believed. In practical terms this means that both desired effects – insect control and biocide decontamination – can be achieved parallel in one and the same treatment cycle at temperatures well below 50C°.

ICM Berlin is currently decontaminating a high-profile reference object from a major German museum. The outcome of this project will also be published, so please stay tuned for more exciting and highly relevant news from ICM and PazPab.

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Figure 1: Dr. Boaz Paz at Heritech 2022, Florence