This trap was specially developed to attract the grey silverfish or so-called paperfish (Ctenolepisma longicaudata) andsilverfish (Lepisma saccharina). But it also attracts:

  • Firebrat (Thermobia domestica)
  • Museum beetle (Anthrenus museorum)
  • Vodka beetle (Attagenus smirnovi)
  • Booklouse (Psocoptera)
  • Biscuit beetle (Stegobium paniceum)

The trap contains a non-toxic bait as an attractant. It is ideal for monitoring collections of objects with a high starch content as in archives, book collections and works on paper.

The traps should be placed in close proximity to the objects and preferably in dark spaces. Very simple advice: the more the better. You should use at least 1 trap per 4 m³ and place them at different levels in shelves and storage racks.