ICM Integrated Pest Management Consultancy Service

ICM’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consultancy service provides a museum best practice approach to managing insect pest populations in collections in museums, historic houses and domestic dwellings, incorporating expertise from collections care to mitigate damage from these destructive agents of deterioration.

IPM offers a practical, sustainable, and cost-effective method to prevent collections, furnishings and buildings from being damaged by pests. ICM’s IPM service, complements ICM’s humidity-regulated warm air treatment service.

ICM’s Integrated Pest Management service aims to reduce insect pest populations to manageable levels, based on the principles of monitoring insect pest populations within a building structure and offer suitable recommendations to prevent insect pest populations from exploding and target treatment to where it is needed.

Services offered include

  • Initial collection and building survey
  • Monitoring and trapping
  • Insect pest identification
  • Analysing and reporting on insect pest incidence
  • Development and implementation of operational guidelines, strategies, and policies to support the effective implementation of IPM.

An IPM programme is a holistic approach to caring for your collections. A well-planned and executed IPM programme will prevent problems recurring and is a sustainable method to insect pest management.


IPM training

ICM also offer bespoke training workshops on integrated pest management appropriate to your building structure, collections and operational requirements.